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Welcome! This is the forum for Komodo Draconis, an Anguis union Party in KHUx.
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 Introducing Sorein: The Hardened Veteran

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PostSubject: Introducing Sorein: The Hardened Veteran   Sat May 12, 2018 4:16 am

Now that Timey has gone and started the trend I feel like I should probably follow along!

These days I typically go by Sorein (pronounced Soar-in) in the games I play, but I also used to go by Tido so if you know that tag then we may have known each other in a past game! To that end I have played many games including SWG, Stellaris, War Thunder, Runescape (isn't that an old one!), and many many more. I enjoy making stories about my various characters but never really write them down, however if you ask me I'm always happy to talk about whatever head cannon I have come up with!

I hope that we will all be able to get along, and support one another until one day we reach the end of the story of Kingdom Hearts X/Unchained X/Union X
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Introducing Sorein: The Hardened Veteran
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