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Welcome! This is the forum for Komodo Draconis, an Anguis union Party in KHUx.
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 Soras medal list

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PostSubject: Soras medal list   Sun May 13, 2018 4:23 am

This is my first post in a forum so i apologize for mistakes. But here is my share medals. Just ask and ill share any. Ill edit this post as i get new medals

Group attack medals

Vexen [+] Reversed power 230% guilt Teir 8 Trait Max gauges +2 Skill sleep Deals 4 hits 2 turns raises r str& def  by 1 s &m def by 3 lowers targets str by 2 inflicts more damage the more turns have passed hp recovery lv 2

Illustrated Kairi ex Upright magic 200% guilt Teir 7 No traits Skill second chance 3. 1 turn raises upright str by 2 str by 7 psm str by 6 lowers targets defense by 3 psm def by 4 enemy countdown +1 hp recovery lv 4 fills 5 guages

Kh 0.2 Sora Upright magic 180% guilt teir 6 Traits extra attack max gauges +2 sleep resist 20% skill attack boost 2 deals 5 hits lowers targets def by 1 teir & m def by 3 teirs for 1 turn inflicts more damage the higher the slot number

Hd Zexion Reversed magic 200% guilt teir 7 Traits def +2000 paralysis resist 20% skill attack boost 2 deals 7 hits for 2 turns raiss psm str 4 teirs &psm def 2 teirs lowers targets str &def 1 teir inflicts more damage the more gauges are full

Kh2 0.2 Kairi Upright speed 108% guilt Teir 5 Traits extra attack 40% power str +1000 skill paralysis Raises str by 6 teirs &psm str by 1 teir /1 turn significantly recovers hp

Single attack medals

Lexaeus [+] Reversed power 209% guilt Teir 8 Trait damage in raids 40% no skill 1 attack raises r str by 5 lowers targets r def by 5 enemy countdown +3 inflicts more damage the higher the slot number

Hercules B Upright power 149% guilt Teir 7 Traits aerial enemy def minus 60% sleep resist 20% No skill Deals 4 hits raises p str by 7 teirs  for 1 turn restores 4 gauges
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Soras medal list
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