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Welcome! This is the forum for Komodo Draconis, an Anguis union Party in KHUx.
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 Roleplay Rules

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PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   Sun May 13, 2018 1:10 am

Since this is a family-friendly forum to go alongside a family-friendly game, there's some guidelines that everyone must follow when roleplaying here, especially in terms of content. However, this will also be discussing suitable conduct as well so that we can avoid all the dreaded roleplay faux pas.

1. All roleplays must be family-friendly. This means there can be no smut roleplays, nor anything else especially graphic in nature-- extremely detailed violence, sexual content, etc. We also ask that you avoid highly sensitive subject matter, such as suicide, self harm, drug abuse, and other similar topics. Aside from going against the family-friendly standard we're trying to maintain, some of these-- smut in particular-- could potentially break Forumotion's terms of service.

2. No god-modding or metagaming. Basically, this means not controlling the characters of other roleplayers without permission, not suddenly adding new powers and abilities just to gain an edge in the story, providing your character with knowledge they would have no logical way of knowing, etc. Play fair, and keep things fun for everyone involved.

3. Introduce a bit about your character before jumping in. There's an introductions category for a reason; this way, you can explain your character a bit beforehand. It's much easier to roleplay when you know a bit about what you're getting involved with. Note that the intro doesn't have to be highly detailed, and you can always come back and add onto it at a later time. Artwork, custom images, and other imagery are also more than welcome, but not required.

4. When starting a thread, please indicate who it is open to. If the thread is for anyone who wants to jump in, go ahead and state that in the starter. Likewise, if it's for a particular member to answer, make sure to put that in the intro. This will avoid any confusion, and make sure people aren't answering threads not meant for them.
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Roleplay Rules
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