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 KD Keykids

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PostSubject: KD Keykids   Sat Nov 03, 2018 8:13 pm

I've been having fun reading the profiles in the RP section, so I really wanted to draw your Keykids (also my own) in my free time ^^ I wanted to give it the feel like they were in the Keyblade Graveyard, like when in Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts was revealed, but instead of blue clouds I tried a mix of purple and pink. This was also a great opportunity to practice on clouds!

I had the intention of drawing our leader and co-leader(s), but when I started these Sora wasn't our co-leader yet, so he will be missing here for the time being (will work on him!), but I'm not really sure of which design to use for him (the one described in the RP or the avatar design in the game), so Sora if you could tell me I would appreciate a lot! ^^

War-Torn Nocturne

I drew Sorein way back when he still had this avatar board so.., sorry that it isn't updated ^^;(will work on him too!), also sorry that he doesn't look very tall, when doing the line art I wanted to check the bio and it read he was very tall, how could I miss that?! >.<, oh well I wanted to draw him in a Lingering will-like pose, I really like his story and personality, so I hope you like it! Very Happy  

Unchained Dreamer

Drawing Timey's keyblade was fun and interesting ^^, I really liked shading it, her wings and hair were very fun to draw and color too even though I think her hair should be flowing to the other side o.o lol, the only thing I don't really like here is how I did the ground it could be better, will fix that soon!, I added a notebook since in her bio it says that she likes to draw and sketch the heartless, I thought it was very cute!, I really like her character too, hope you like it! :3

Darkness's Apprentice

I had difficulty in settling for a design for my avatar due to the array of many many cute avatar board designs :3, I opted for this one as my main since I really liked this dress and I was very glad this avatar board came back, I admit I really like this hat design, it is very cute ^^, the dress was very difficult but fun to draw as well.

I hope you guys liked these!
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PostSubject: Re: KD Keykids   Tue Nov 13, 2018 10:30 pm

I forgot to give a description of my character in the RP section sorry about that. But you can use my current avatars look if you want. The above drawings all look great. Also sorry it took so long to reply I've been busy but I will check the forum more often.
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PostSubject: Re: KD Keykids   Tue Nov 13, 2018 10:43 pm

I have to say again Eve, these are AWESOME! I really love them. So much so that I went in and added more descriptions and pictures of Sorein's armor and clothing sets and his Keyblades in his profile (http://komododraconis-khux.board-directory.net/t10-sorein-anguis) in case you wanted to reference them! It would be really awesome if you would be willing to take a shot at designing any of the special keyblades I described (sort of) too!

Since you mentioned you were working on one with his new armor set I did a quick recolor of the cape with that set to match the armor. You can see the picture on my profile or a direct before and after here! (http://komododraconis-khux.board-directory.net/t16-keyblade-armor-recolor#53)

Also, as a timeline the Keyblade/Armor combinations used by Sorein would be:

Keyblade Armor and Starlight: Pre-Keyblade War to the Death of Luna (The drawing you did is a perfect representation of this time period!!!!)

Keyblade Armor and Quasar: Death of Luna to the Loss of Memory/End of the Keyblade War; and Remembrance to Acceptance of Luna's Death

Nocturne's Armor and Eclipse: Loss of Memory to Remembrance

Nocturne's Armor and Quasar: Remembrance to Acceptance of Luna's Death

Unknown Armor and Prominence: Post Acceptance of Luna's Death
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PostSubject: Re: KD Keykids   

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KD Keykids
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