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 KH3 Union X references?

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PostSubject: KH3 Union X references?   Thu Nov 01, 2018 12:33 am

Since Kingdom Hearts 3 seems right now to be giving the Keyblade War more focus, and also with the addition of the Starlight Keyblade due to that event, which I'm really glad about ^^, also the fact that Union X has been giving us more important story plots with characters like Marluxia/Lauriam and Ventus,  I was thinking of how many references to Union X would it be given.

I honestly wish to see references for these in Kingdom Hearts 3 :

- Ephemer and/or Skuld cameos, at least a silhouette or knowing what became of them would be pretty cool ^^
- a little reference to Daybreak Town, the minimum I could think of is a musical reference since many have said that Keyblade Graveyards's music resembles DT.
- I'm not sure if the accessories feature (the one in 0.2) will be added in 3 but it would be cool that some accessories from the avatar boards would be accessible to Sora (Or any other character that would become playable.... if we have any :3), with or without the perks would be fine ^^
- Ven recognizing Marluxia (or at least remembering what happened in Union X) would be fantastic in my opinion Very Happy

These are a few ideas what I could think of, would love to think what you guys think!
Whether or not there are references in, It won't change the excitement I have for KH3 :3
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KH3 Union X references?
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