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 Luna Vermire

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PostSubject: Luna Vermire   Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:57 am

Luna Vermire

22 Years Old

Luna is noted by many as having a serene beauty, and her elegant and fragile appearance beile her extraordinary combat prowess. She stands at approximately 5’4” tall and has a notably slim waist. Her violet eyes are inviting and playful; however, within their depths can be found the fierce determination of a veteran warrior. Her sandy-golden hair falls lightly about her shoulders such that it frames her features and dotting her face are a small number of freckles that she generally attempts to hide; despite Sorein’s insurance that they are in fact quite cute. Unlike Sorein and Ziled who don heavily personalized armor into battle Luna prefers to wear more traditional blue armor that is trimmed with silver and white gold, and she forgoes wearing a cape as she feels that it hinders her ability to move in combat. Outside of combat she is usually seen wearing a light, white, sundress that flows about her as she moves and; like Sorein and Ziled, she always wears the necklace signifying their friendship.

While many would label Luna as being slightly naive or ditzy they would only do so for not knowing her when she is thrown into a serious situation. One could say that it is due to the tragedies that Luna has witnessed on the battlefield that she learned the importance of savoring simple moments to the fullest and as such she takes every opportunity to ease the tension of her comrades through her antics; however, once a situation begins to escalate she is quick to become extremely serious and focused. She is also known to be a superb confidant and will often approach those that she believes to be under emotional duress in an attempt to comfort them and provide them with support.



Notable Combat Abilities:

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Luna Vermire
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