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 The Roleplay Development Thread

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PostSubject: The Roleplay Development Thread   Fri May 25, 2018 4:09 am

Sometimes coming up with ideas for your character is difficult and you hit a wall with a particular concept. That could deal with how your character looks, their armor and weapons, the scenery around them, their backstory, and an infinitely large number of additional possibilities.

I thereby created this thread for the out-of-character development of ideas and the discussion of concepts prior to formally writing them into roleplay lore.

For example: I know going into the future that I will have some trouble properly representing and developing Ziled and Luna if I discuss them in depth so I would love to know about your thoughts regarding them from what I have written already. What kind of people do you see them as? What was your mental image of them from how I described them? What do you think their relationships with Sorein are like based on what I've written? Knowing this can help me adjust their portrayal to help me give them more depth than I could draw out if I only am working off of my own thoughts and interpretations!
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The Roleplay Development Thread
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